Zebra Plant

Size 4"
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The Zebra Plant (Aphelandra squarrosa) is known for its large, shiny leaves and dark green foliage, making it a popular plant for home decor. The Zebra's leaves exhibit deep white or yellow veins resembling Zebra stripes, hence the name. The Zebra Plant is a tropical plant native to Brazil and thrives on humidity, moist soil that drains well, and bright, indirect light. If you are lucky, your Zebra Plant will bloom in the summertime with a colorful bract. 

Keep your Zebra happy by planting it in a container with excellent drainage, like the Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots. This cylinder is manufactured with a drain hole and a matching saucer. Mist it regularly—Pet friendly.

Bright, Indirect Light

Recommended for homes with pets.

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