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15 Instagram Florists to Follow

We spent some time clicking on Instagram recently to create a curated selection of 15 Instagram Florists to Follow with a focus on flowers that we think are worthy of your spare time and attention. For plant and flower admirers, Instagram has become a fount of beauty and inspiration with a whole host of florists, floral designers, and photographers showcasing their creative adventures helping them establish unique identities across the platform. Like us, they love all things flower related so enjoy this selection.

From floral designs that range from the simple to complex, and bold to subdued, if you include yourself among us flower lovers, follow these 15 accounts to get your daily Instagram floral fix.

Farm Girl Flowers | @farmgirlflowers

Polka dots, stripes, bold prints and denim dungarees serve as the backdrops for the sweet burlap-bound bouquets from Little Flowers. Each pictured bunch of blooms showcases the beauty of a simple handful, available for same day floral delivery. This account seems to jive perfectly with the uncomplicated nature of the everyday flower buyer. I can picture any of these bundles adorning my nana’s gingham-curtained breakfast nook with quotidian charm.

Lilly and Iris@lilly.and.iris

Perhaps the secret to stellar bridal wear is that no marriage is quite as stunning as flowers and lace, and Utah florist, Lilly and Iris, officiated this duo’s big day. As you thumb through their gallery, you’ll find a bevy of brides displaying an intoxicating mix of delicate lace and bold, beefy blossoms. Who says the flowers can’t wear the pants in this relationship?

Roberta Santilli | @opi.illi

Roberta Santilli’s flower creations are crackin’ at opi.illi as she makes quite clear with her use of cracked eggs to display a host of colorful buds. Whether she’s showcasing her inspired mixed bouquets or grips of tulips, her consistent, clever use of bold striping is the tie that binds both the flowers and the brand. The addition of everything from macrame to kale leaves makes her home and garden gallery a visual treat, and the oft-used #freshflowerhappyhour is on point.

Junes Blooms | @junesblooms

An account that flaunts the barefaced beauty of all things flower is Junes Blooms. Featured in the NY Times style magazine, the subjects of Erika Stephens’ photographic gems are outlined right in her Insta bio: soil, seed, and bloom. Her mono-floral bouquets are just as in-charge as her mixed ones. Her work is a pure visual treat. Even Iron Man is getting in on this flower action.

Brier + Ivy | @brierandivy

Brier and Ivy’s account is like a warm chai latte in flower form. Maybe that sounds like an odd comparison, but take a scroll through their album, and you’ll start to see it: the classic whites and blushes infused with spicy maroons, magentas, and hot pinks. It’s elegant bouquets in the hands of elegant brides set against pines, rocky outcroppings, and foggy lakesides. And, if you’d rather elope than slowly sip your special day in, they’ll do the flowers.

Kisetsu Kajin | @kisetsu_kajin

Any good roundup of Instagram florists must include an ikebana artist because simplicity certainly deserves a space in any well-constructed feed of flowers. The ever-popular subdued creations of Kisetsu Kajin’s arrangements are the love child of whimsy and grace. Her account offers submissive, intentional design where flower and container shine in equal parts.

Botanical California | @botanicalcalifornia

For a visually stimulating look at why floral patterns will never go out of fashion, take a look at the energizing work of Botanical California. The backlit floral photos have a Dayglo feel that I liken to swimming in a candy dish. As a bonus, her pup, Arthur, makes a couple of cute cameos throughout her feed.

Floret Flower | @floretflower

It is hard to find a more spectacular feed with stunning blooms than Floret Flowers. From their small family farm located in the northwestern part of Washington State, Erin and Chris Benzakein along with their two kids Elora and Jasper, deliver stunning shots of dahlias, peonies, tulips and more. If you want to explore more, pick up a copy of their book, Cut Flower Garden, which is full of tips and information gleaned from their farm.

Grace Alexander Flowers | @gracealexanderflowers

Straight out of the gate, Grace Alexander Flowers’ bio is as delightful as her floral aesthetic. A self-professed ‘seed monger and grower of happiness,’ her IG album showcases the little treasures that flowers are in a very ‘brown-paper packages tied up with string’ kind of way. Featuring pristine blooms on grey-scale backgrounds, who else could make a single nibbled-on anemone blossom look so rife with beauty?

Ponyfony Flowers | @ponyfony_flowers

Enjoy flowers from around the world in the Instagram feed of Ponyfony. With more than 263,000 followers, you will find blooms of beauty from every part of the globe. If you want to add to the collection, share your flower photograph by posting with the hashtag #ponyfony_flowers. Enjoy!

Sonny & Willow | @sonny_and_willow

Sonny and Willow Perth Florist Instagram Page

The colors conveyed on the Insta page of the Perth, Australia florist, Sonny and Willow will keep you captivated. With nearly fifty five thousand followers, you will be in good company watching the beautiful blooms emerge from this creative brand. 

La Beaute Flower | @la_beaute_flower

The life-sized bouquet wraps and boxes chockfull of decadent blooms would be enough to keep me coming back for more, but nearly every image of La Beaute Flower’s account is captivating and drawing me in. The whole display is muted and soft and snowy and as fluffy as flowers can get. Beg my pardon, please, but am I the only one having a ‘George Costanza ensconced in velvet’ kinda moment on this one?

Bloom + Burn | @bloomandburn

A palette of eye-catching brights in a rainbow of colors is what you’ll get as you scroll through the album of popular London-based florist, Bloom and Burn. Luscious splaying arrangements rule the style of his floral designs for both bold tabletop centerpieces and voluptuous wedding bouquets. It also gives me a lot of satisfaction that he uses the #mensstyle tag on his photos because that feed sure can benefit from those flashy florals of his.

Pear Street Flowers | @pear.street.flowers

For a relaxed Boho vibe, check out the fine floral handiwork of up-and-comer, Pear Street Flowers. With divine headpieces and flower crowns, their floral wearables are sure to pique your curiosity. Also, they have a camouflaged tomcat photobombing a shoot of an incredible cascading bouquet. What more can you ask for?

Emma Bass | @emma__bass

Sometimes captions get it all too right – there is nothing like blue magnolias and a yellow bird! The album of New Zealand’s photographic floral artiste extraordinaire, Emma Bass, is an energy-filled, eclectic, almost-zany mix of flowers and birds and vases and babies. Featuring colors on steroids, her work is on the opposite end of the simple spectrum, yet is glamorous in that Antoni Gaudi-like way. A definite must-see and must-follow.

These are only a small sample of the floral artists Instagram has to offer. If you’re constructing your feed to ensure you’re immersed in a steady stream of flowers, each of these florists provides an opportunity to gather inspiration. However, nothing beats the real thing.

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