The Inside Story Behind the Iconic Gemstone Cylinder

By Carlos Franco

The Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots and sold by Green Fresh Florals + Plants

A Tale of Craftsmanship from Momma Pots of San Diego


Every corner of San Diego has a story of innovation and passion waiting to be told. Among these is the story of Momma Pots—a brand that began with a simple dream in a humble garage and blossomed into a nationwide phenomenon. Today, we celebrate the Gemstone Cylinder, a product that reflects Momma Pots' remarkable journey and stands as the centerpiece of Green's Gemstone Potted Plant Collection.


From Garage to Glory: How Momma Pots was Born

Before there were Gemstone Cylinders gracing homes and stores across the country, there was Blaine Tiongson, a San Diego native with a heart rooted in nature's splendor. Her journey wasn't just about creating pots; it was about inspiring others to connect with nature. From the garage to over 1,300+ stores worldwide, Momma Pots has grown to encapsulate a love for design, a commitment to eco-friendly practices, and a deep respect for the craft.


Founder of Momma Pots Tracy


Blaine's vision came to life with a clear mission: to create modern designs that enhance the plant life they embrace, bringing happiness to people's homes. With the help of her husband Joel, Momma Pots has nurtured a community of plant lovers, fostering a connection to beauty and nature that grows stronger with each pot created.


Four Gemstone Cylinder Pots with Plants from Green Fresh Florals + Plants

The Crafting Process: From Concept to Completion

The creation of the Gemstone Cylinder is a testament to the craftsmanship that Momma Pots stands for. The meticulous process is a labor of love and precision, ensuring that each pot is functional and a masterpiece of design.


  1. Raw Material Mixing
  2. Molding
  3. Drying
  4. Bisque Firing
  5. Glazing
  6. Final Firing
  7. Inspection


Named After Nature's Masterpieces

The 'Gemstone Cylinder' isn't merely a name; it's a tribute to the vibrant colors and elegance of natural gemstones. With its lustrous glaze, each pot is as unique and precious as the stones that inspire them, bringing a luxurious feel to Green's Gemstone Potted Plant Collection.


Anatomy of a Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots and Green Fresh Florals + Plants


With a signature clean, smooth rim, sturdy walls, functional drainage hole, robust body, stable base, innovative textures, and stunning colors, the Gemstone Cylinder is more than a pot—it embodies the passion and creativity that Momma Pots and Green share.


Chosen for its exceptional quality and stylish design, the Gemstone Cylinder has become the heart of our Gemstone Potted Plant Collection at Green. These pots cater to every plant's need, promising your cherished green friend a stylish, durable, and high-quality abode.


Gemstone Potted Plant Collection from Green Fresh Florals + Plants

The Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots is not just a container for plants; it's a symbol of growth, passion, and the beauty of nature. Green embraced these elegant vessels within our Gemstone Potted Plant Collection, and we invite you to partake in this journey of botanical splendor and bring a piece of this story into your home. The Gemstone Cylinder is available in a range of vibrant, sophisticated colors, and we carry the Gemstone Cylinder in sizes ranging from 4.5” up to 12” (measured at the opening or mouth of the container).


Gemstone Cylinder Colors from Green Fresh Florals + Plants

Explore the legacy of craftsmanship and nature with the Gemstone Cylinder. Visit our Hillcrest plant and flower shop, or shop online and select the perfect pot to encapsulate the spirit of growth and beauty your plants and homes deserve. Cultivate elegance and grace, one plant at a time, with the Gemstone Cylinder Collection from Green Fresh Florals + Plants.