Shades of Red Long-Stem Roses


A symbol of love and passion, our Shades Of Red Long-Stem Ecuadorian Roses are a modern twist on the traditional red rose and angels breath floral arrangement as the variety of roses is vast. Our custom mix of one and two dozen roses comes arranged in a thick artisan glass vase with a backdrop of unique mixed greenery. This bouquet includes a variety of roses that come in all shades of red and vary in how they unfold, making it a treat to watch their individual petals unfold. 

Add an Extraordinary Desserts Valentine's Day Cupcake Duo and we will deliver your arrangement and sweet treats together.

Be sure to read our blog entry on 5 Free Romantic San Diego Date Ideas. And if you are looking for a different romantic flower, we have you covered with our blog, Twelve Romantic Flower Alternatives to the Red Rose. We also offer long-stem roses in white, coral, pink, and ombre.


  • Imported Ecuadorian Red Roses
  • Mixed rose shapes and greenery
  • Clear, tall thick artisan glass vase
  • Available in both one dozen and two dozen

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