Best Bud Floral

**Best Bud Floral: The Little Vase with Big Heart Vibes**

Cue the romance with the 'Best Bud Floral'—your pint-sized wingman in the game of love. Popping with color and snug in a "Best Bud" ceramic bud vase, this arrangement is the MVP of affectionate gestures, ready to score points in the game of hearts.

Think of it as a huddle of garden roses, each one hand-picked for maximum fragrance and color. There's hot pink for the flirty winks, light pink for the sweet whispers, and classic red for the bold "I'm all in." And what's a rose without its sidekick? Enter camellia foliage, the green genius that keeps everything looking fresh and full of life.

Now, let's talk features:
- Space-friendly size that fits anywhere from the #WorkFromHome desk to the nightstand.
- A trifecta of rose colors that's a treat for the eyes and the nose.
- Camellia foliage that's not just green; it's green with meaning—admiration and all things perfect.
- The "Best Bud" vase, which isn’t just a vase; it's a keepsake to cherish those feels.

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Ready, set, romance! Make it a day to remember with 'Best Bud Floral'—because when words fall short, a cute vase full of love doesn't.

"Best Bud" Ceramic bud vase-
6 fragrant garden roses in hot pink, lite pink, and red accented with camelia foliage

10" h x 8"w

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