Cascade of Color Floral

Color Granite

Experience the vibrancy of our Cascade of Color floral arrangement, elegantly displayed in artisan ceramic pitchers from San Diego-based manufacturer Momma Pots. Perfect for any occasion, from Mother’s Day to housewarmings, each pitcher is thoughtfully crafted to double as a cherished vase.

Choose Your Favorite Design:
- Granite Elegance: Explore a vivid bouquet of hot-pink roses, fragrant hyacinth, and lush stock, accented by veronica and alstroemeria, topped with a striking purple Mokara orchid.
- Mustard Medley: A rich collection featuring purple larkspur, playful anemones, and vibrant tulips, complemented by lisianthus, stock, Mokara, clematis, veronica, and astrantia, all presented in a mustard-toned pitcher.
- Bubblegum Bliss: Filled with the delicate aromas of white O'Hara and quicksand roses, paired with lavender lisianthus, pink snapdragons, and Queen Anne’s lace, showcased in a charming pink pitcher.
- Sea Glass Symphony: Coral peonies mix with orange roses and alstroemeria, enriched with hypericum, mini callas, and snapdragons, in a serene sea glass-colored pitcher.
- Terracotta Treasure: Enjoy the earthy tones of pampas grass, white ranunculus, and a mix of cream and sand roses, complemented by white anemone, peach spray roses, and scabiosa. Chocolate Queen Anne’s lace, silver brunia, and peach hypericum complete this terracotta ensemble.

Ideal for Every Occasion:
Each arrangement offers the option to include a personalized card, making your gift uniquely heartfelt. Opt for direct delivery to provide a memorable surprise directly to their doorstep.


Granite pitcher filled with hot pink roses, hot pink fragrant hyacinth, pink stock, pink veronica, pink alstroemeria & purple Mokara orchid.
Mustard pitcher filled with purple larkspur, purple anemone, purple lisianthus, purple tulip, purple stock, purple mokara orchid, purple clematis, purple veronica, astrantia
Pink Bubblegum pitcher filled with fragrant white O'Hara rose, quicksand roses, lavender lisianthus, pink snapdragon, and queen Annes's lace.
Sea Glass pitcher filled with coral peony, orange roses, orange alstroemeria, pink hypericum, orange mini calla & orange snapdragon
Terracotta pitcher filled with pampas grass, white ranunculus, cream and sand colored roses, white anemone, peach spray roses, white scabiosa, accented with Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace, Silver Brunia and peach hypericum.

Approximately 18" x 12"

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