Desert Rose Floral

Embrace the warm, earthy tones of the Desert Rose Floral, a natural arrangement  with accents of orange from Green Fresh Florals + Plants, presented in a Nema ceramic vase. This bouquet is an exquisite blend of colors and textures, inspired by the serene beauty of the desert.

The focus of this arrangement is the toffee roses, symbolizing elegance and grace, complemented by vibrant orange ranunculus and soft peach mums, adding layers of warmth and depth. The arrangement is further enhanced by the subtle charm of mauve lisianthus and the unique purple astrantia, each adding their own touch of desert mystery.

Accents of wild heather and wax flower introduce a natural, rustic element, while the fresh eucalyptus provides a refreshing contrast with its cool, green hues. The Desert Rose Floral is an ideal choice for anyone looking to bring a piece of the desert's tranquil beauty into their home or as a thoughtful gift that conveys warmth and sophistication. Grab a card from our online collection then have our professional drivers deliver for you.

Nema ceramic vase filled with Toffee roses, orange ranunculas, peach mums, Mauve lisianthus, Purple astrantia , accented with wild heather and wax flower and eucalyptus

17"w x 22"t

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