Make Me Blush Floral

The Make Me Blush Floral isn't just a bouquet; it's your next crush. Crafted into a swoon-worthy spectacle, it rests in a 7" blush pedestal bowl from Momma Pots that's as stylish as it is blush-inducing.

At the heart of this beauty are peach and toffee roses – think of them as the cool kids of the flower world, all grace and swag. Thrown into the mix are the dapper brown lisianthus, adding that oh-so-necessary dash of sophistication. The plot thickens with peachy mums bringing the vibe of an everlasting hug, and hypericum berries dropping in like the life of the party, shaking up the tender hues with their zesty presence.

But wait, there's more! The chocolate Queen Anne's Lace is the intricate detail that makes you lean in closer, while the eucalyptus leaves are your fragrant whisper of "something's good in the air."

This is the kind of arrangement that does more than just sit pretty – it's a conversational masterpiece, a centerpiece with a PhD in Charmology. Perfect for spicing up that special event, nailing the gift-giving game, or just making your living room ‘the room’ to be.

Fancy up your gesture with a click to our greeting card collection and let our ace drivers bring the wow right to the doorstep with our professional San Diego flower delivery. 'Make Me Blush Floral'—where elegance meets fun, and every glance is a win.

Blush 7" pedestal Bowl filled with Peach and toffee colored roses, brown lisianthus, peach colored mums and hypericum berries, accented with chocolate Queen Anne's Lace and eucalyptus

16" w x 10" h

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