Red Luxe Designer Floral

The Red Luxe Designer Floral is a captivating display of love and romance, expressed through the vibrant hues of red and pink. This exquisite arrangement features a stunning collection of tulips and roses, each bloom carefully selected for its rich color and lush texture. The reds and pinks intertwine in a passionate dance, creating a visual representation of deep affection and heartfelt emotion.

Elegantly arranged in a luxurious gold metal vase, this designer floral arrangement is not just a bouquet but a statement piece. The vase adds an extra layer of opulence and glamour to the arrangement, making it an ideal gift for expressing love, passion, and romantic sentiments.

To make your gesture even more personal and thoughtful, pair the Red Luxe Designer Floral with a greeting card from our online collection. Our team will thoughtfully transcribe your message inside, adding a layer of intimacy to your gift. And with our convenient same-day delivery service, both your heartfelt note and the stunning floral arrangement will be seamlessly delivered to your special someone, making for a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

    12"h x 10"w

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