Tickled Pink Designer Floral

The Tickled Pink Designer Floral is an exquisite creation that will add a burst of joy and elegance to any space. Artfully arranged in a 7" slate grey pedestal bowl, this arrangement is a symphony of various shades of pink, creating a visually stunning display.

At the heart of this floral masterpiece are the vibrant anthuriums and luxurious cymbidium orchids, symbolizing admiration and love. Complementing these are the delicate garden roses, lisianthus, and carnations, each bloom adding its unique texture and depth. The arrangement is further enhanced by the presence of alstroemeria and larkspur, along with the playful hypericum berries and the fragrant stock.

Accents of whimsical dried bunny tail, soft pink baby's breath, and cheerful crespedia balls complete this lavish arrangement, making it a perfect choice for special occasions, heartfelt gifts, or simply as an elegant centerpiece. Grab a greeting card from our collection to have delivered with your Tickled Pink Designer Floral. 


7" slate grey pedestal bowl with
shades of pink of anthuriums, cymbidium orchids, garden roses, lisianthus, carnations, alstromeria, larkspur, hypericum , stock accented with dried bunny tail , pink baby's breath, crespedia balls

16"w x12"t

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