Verde Lush Designer Floral

Unveil the essence of modern elegance with our Verde Lush Designer Floral, a stunning creation that blends contemporary charm with classic beauty. This exquisite arrangement is a symphony of textures and tones, showcasing a meticulously selected mix of flowers in soothing shades of white and green.

Center stage in this sophisticated ensemble is an array of fresh roses, each bloom symbolizing grace and admiration. They are complemented by the sleek lines of tulips and the bold, striking presence of amaryllis. Adding to the sensory delight, fragrant white hyacinth blooms interlace through the arrangement, filling the air with their sweet, captivating aroma.

Each element is thoughtfully arranged in a chic 5" white cylinder vase, creating a sleek and stylish display that captures the heart of contemporary floral design. The Verde Lush Designer Floral is more than just a bouquet; it's a testament to refined aesthetics and a celebration of natural beauty.

Perfect for a myriad of occasions, from adding a touch of sophistication to a birthday celebration, to expressing your best wishes, or congratulating someone on a significant achievement, this arrangement is a versatile and impactful choice. Complete your gift with a personalized greeting card from our selection, and let our driver deliver this floral artistry directly to your recipient. 

Approximately 10" tall.

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