Vintage Lace Floral

Discover the timeless elegance of the Vintage Lace Floral arrangement, a stunning display of nature's beauty housed in a unique clear, pimpled-texture glass vase that evokes a sense of vintage charm. This exquisite arrangement features a delicate blend of fragrant white and cream roses, creating a soft, romantic atmosphere. Complementing the roses are white scabiosa and ranunculus, which add a touch of whimsical sophistication, while the lush green hydrangea and Bells of Ireland provide a fresh, vibrant contrast to the creamy hues.

The vintage styled vase, with its distinctive texture, enhances the overall aesthetic, making this floral arrangement a perfect choice for decorating your home or as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

The Vintage Lace Floral is ideal for anyone who appreciates the classic feel and elegant styling. Its soothing palette and fragrant blossoms make it a captivating centerpiece that enriches any setting with a touch of grace and tranquility. Pick the perfect greeting card to send with your gift of the Vintage Lace Floral, then let our professional drivers deliver for you. Order by 2 pm to receive same-day delivery

Vintage pimpled glass vase filled withFragrant white and cream rose, white scabiosa, ranunculus and stock, Green hydrangea and Bells of Ireland

20"w x 24"h

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