Dublin Houseplant Flight

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Elevate your space with the custom Dublin Houseplant Flight, a sophisticated and lush collection from Green Fresh Florals + Plants. This elegant ensemble is presented in the “Dublin” planter which is stylish and functional with drainage holes and a matching saucer to ensure the health of your plants. This planting is 14.5" long by 6" deep. 

The Dublin Houseplant Flight is thoughtfully planted with three low-light indoor house plants, carefully selected to create a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement. Each plant is chosen for its ability to thrive in indoor environments, making it perfect for brightening up office spaces, living rooms, or any area that could use a touch of nature's calm.

Our plant experts bring their extensive knowledge to the table, ensuring that each Dublin Houseplant Flight is handcrafted with the best plant combinations available in stock. This attention to detail guarantees that every flight is unique and of the highest quality.

The Dublin Houseplant Flight is an excellent gift for the plant lover in your life. It's a thoughtful way to bring a bit of greenery and tranquility into their space. Plus, with our delivery service, gifting is made easy and convenient. Just pick the perfect card from our online greeting card collection and let us deliver for you. Order the Dublin Houseplant Flight today, and let us bring a piece of nature's serenity directly to your doorstep.