Granite Pothos Planting

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The Granite Pothos Planting is a perfect choice for the novice plant owner new to the craft of caring for plants. This pothos is planted in a granite Gemstone ceramic cylinder manufactured with a pre-drilled hole for water drainage. It also comes with a matching tray to collect excess water.

The pothos plant is a versatile plant that can grow in various lighting conditions and take neglect, and still thrive, making it the perfect starter plant gift. The only real maintenance will involve trimming back the pothos vine as it grows. 

If you are gifting this pothos planting, check out our Greeting Card Collection, and we will gladly write your note on the inside for you. Then, we can meet you curbside to pick up your planting for delivery, or you can have our skilled drivers deliver it for you. It is that easy.

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