Large Gemstone Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Bring a touch of botanical luxury to your living space with the Large Gemstone Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig, a premier selection from Green Fresh Florals + Plants' Gemstone Potted Plant Collection. This stunning Fiddle Leaf Fig introduces a serene, tropical charm to any home or office setting. Nestled in San Diego's own Momma Pots Gemstone Cylinder, choose among ten vibrant colors. 

The high-quality porcelain Gemstone Cylinder is crafted with a drainage hole and accompanied by a matching saucer, ensuring your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s roots are well aerated and protected from excess water, promoting healthier growth. This feature elevates plant health and blends seamlessly with practical and stylish aesthetics.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, known for its majestic stature and lush foliage, thrives in bright, filtered light, making it a splendid addition near a sunny window where it can enjoy the warmth without the harshness of direct sunlight. Its watering needs are simple yet precise – water when the top inch of the soil feels dry, usually about once a week, to maintain the perfect moisture balance.

Beyond its role as a striking indoor plant, the Large Gemstone Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig serves as an exquisite gift. Ideal for occasions like housewarmings or corporate milestones, it symbolizes growth and sophistication. When given as a gift, it's not just a plant but a gesture of enduring appreciation and style. Complement it with a card from our online collection, adding a personal touch to your thoughtful present.

Our professional delivery service makes bringing this piece of natural artistry to your doorstep effortless, ensuring the Fiddle Leaf Fig arrives in impeccable condition, ready to breathe life and elegance into any setting.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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Anonymous (United States)
Beautiful and love the pot color options!

Great selection and the quickest delivery at a decent price. Thank you!