Medium Gemstone Potted Peace Lily

Color White
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Embrace the dual allure of aesthetics and air-purifying qualities with our Medium Gemstone Potted Peace Lily, cradled in a stunning Gemstone cylinder pot with a matching saucer to safeguard your surfaces. Available in ten different colors, this elegant ensemble, sourced from San Diego's esteemed Momma Pots, marries form with function, featuring a drainage hole for optimal plant health.

Locally sourced, the 6" Peace Lily is a distinguished choice for interior spaces, boasting glossy, dark green leaves and serene white blooms that enhance any room with sophistication. Thriving in low to medium indirect light, it is as resilient as it is beautiful, forgiving to newbies, and rewarding for the experienced plant mama or plant daddy.

Though a natural beautifier, it's important to note that the Peace Lily is not pet-friendly. For households with furry friends, consider placing it in a space that’s out of reach to ensure their safety.

The Medium Gemstone Potted Peace Lily is an ideal gift. Grab a card and have us deliver.

Low Light, Shade Tolerant

Not recommended for homes with pets.