Small Gemstone Potted Anthurium

Color White
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Add a tropical touch to your space with the Small Gemstone Potted Anthurium with its vibrant red blooms, which are long-lasting. One of our most popular houseplant picks, the Anthurium is ideal for housewarming gifting, host/hostess gifts, or sending a note of love. The red heart-shaped flowers add a touch of romance to this houseplant. The Anthurium will thrive in various lighting conditions, making it versatile for placement. Bali-inspired Anthurium plant! Its vibrant red blooms thrive in any light condition. Easy to maintain, give it three or four ice cubes a week and watch it thrive.

We paired this popular 4" plant with the high-quality 4.5" Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots. Manufactured with a drainage hole, it will allow your plant's roots to dry out and breathe. It is sold with a matching water saucer to protect your surfaces from excess water.

Sold in ten colors: white, sesame, almond, bubblegum pink, antique teal, rust, mustard, midnight blue, granite and black. Order online, pick the ideal card, then have our driver hand deliver for you.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.