Small Gemstone Potted Brasil Philodendron

Color White
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The Small Gemstone Potted Brasil Philodendron is known for its striking variegated leaves, presenting an effortless blend of opulence and simplicity. Featured in our Gemstone Potted Plant Collection, its vivid hues of yellow intertwined with deep green set it apart, making it a favorite among plant aficionados and design enthusiasts.

We pair a 4" Brasil Philodendron with a 4.5" Gemstone Cylinder from San Diego-based Momma Pots. Sourced from local nurseries, we are proud that this plant + pot combination is all locally sourced and sustainable.

The Gemstone Potted Brasil Philodendron thrives in various lighting conditions, is ideal for hanging in a basket, and makes a great gift as it is easy to maintain. This popular plant is available in ten different Gemstone Cylinder colors: white, almond, sesame, mustard, bubblegum pink, rust, antique teal, midnight blue, granite, and black.

An ideal gift, grab a card and have our driver deliver.

Low Light, Shade Tolerant

Not recommended for homes with pets.