Small Gemstone Potted Golden Pothos

Color White
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The Small Gemstone Potted Golden Pothos, a climbing vine, is known for its heart-shaped green leaves with yellow variegation. The Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is one of the easiest plants to grow and care for as it is hearty and hard to kill. Ideal for hanging pots with their beautiful trailing vine flowing down to the ground. Plus, the Golden Pothos is a perfect helper in cleaning the air in your home as it filters toxins from the air. 

The Golden Pothos prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate low-light conditions like bathrooms or hallways—water once every two weeks during spring and summer and once a month during winter.

Potted in a 4.5" Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots with excellent drainage due to the hole manufactured in the bottom of the pot to allow water to exit and your pothos' roots to dry out. A matching saucer protects your surfaces.

Available in ten colors: white, sesame, almond, bubblegum pink, mustard, rust, antique teal, midnight blue, granite, and black. The Golden Pothos is an ideal housewarming, birthday, or host/hostess gift. Pick a card and have our driver hand deliver it for you.

Low Light, Shade Tolerant

Not recommended for homes with pets.