Small Gemstone Potted ZZ Plant

Color White
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The Small Gemstone Potted ZZ Plant is perfect for any plant-lover - it's low maintenance, tough as nails, and thrives with just a little sunlight and occasional watering. But don't give it too much H2O, or you will kill it, but we built in some insurance with the porcelain Gemstone Cylinder it is sold in. Manufactured with a drain hole and a matching saucer, the Gemstone Cylinder allows water to drain away from the ZZ's roots while protecting any surface it rests on from water damage. Available in ten vibrant colors - white, sesame, almond, mustard, bubblegum pink, antique teal, midnight blue, rust, granite, and black - it is easy to find the right fit for your style and space.  

The Small Gemstone Potted ZZ Plant combines a locally grown and sourced 4" ZZ plant and a 4.5" glazed Gemstone Cylinder designed in San Diego-based Momma Pots. The result is stylish and sustainable, making the Small Gemstone Potted ZZ Plant a great way to also benefit local businesses.

The ZZ is an ideal plant for giving as a gift due to its ease of care and resilience. As a housewarming, birthday, or get-well present, the ZZ Plant will deliver wellness (stress-free!) rewards! Pick the perfect card and have our driver hand-deliver it for you. 

Low Light, Shade Tolerant

Not recommended for homes with pets.