Stacked Rings Glass Pot with Saucer

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Let’s make your succulents and leafy friends the talk of the town with the Stacked Rings Glass Pot with Saucer! Accent Decor is changing the game, turning every plant parent into an interior design guru with this bubble-shaped wonder.

This isn't just any glass pot. Mouth-blown from the kind of borosilicate glass that makes chemists swoon, it's all about longevity and looks. The stacked ring design? It's like your plant's personal skyscraper, making every leaf and stem an exhibition in cool.

Complete with a drainage hole and a saucer (because nobody likes a messy water situation), it’s the ultimate pad for your green buddies. Picture a terrarium garden layered with moss, rocks, and soil, turning your space into a mini ecosystem.

Coming in at a nifty 5" x 6", it's the perfect size to pop on any desk, shelf, or windowsill, adding that splash of modern, playful chic. Let Stacked Rings lift your plant game and your spirits, because who said functional can’t be fun?

The Stacked Rings is a unique and fun gift option as well. Our plant gurus can create a custom planting for you. Grab a card from our greeting card collection then have our professional drivers deliver it.