Stone Grey Crystal Succulent Garden

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Size 7"

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The Stone Grey Crystal Succulent Garden will bring positive energy and a bit of style to any room where it is placed. We paired a stone grey porcelain pedestal container from Momma Pots (reusable, microwave safe, + food safe) with hearty, low-maintenance succulents. Then we placed a quartz crystal (master-healer + amplifies energy) and a selenite crystal (healing power) on top of a fine layer of sand to finish this modern succulent garden.

These handcrafted gardens are available in 7," and 9", and other colors include granite, mustard, blush, and white, among others. The Stone Grey 9-inch Crystal Succulent Garden makes an ideal gift. Order online, pick a card, then have our drivers deliver for you.


  • 7" or 9" porcelain pedestal bowl 
  • Succulents and cactus
  • Gemstones for positive energy
  • Easy to maintain and drought tolerant
  • Ideal gift for a special occasion

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