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Privacy Options: How to remove your personal information.

Green Fresh Florals + Plants does not sell customer information.

As detailed in our Privacy Policy, we collect personal information on our website so it functions properly and that we can provide essential customer service functions, including to conduct financial transactions. Personal information you submit when shopping on our site, like your name, phone number, and email address, are stored in our customer database hosted by Shopify. We follow industry best practices and any legal requirements to ensure your personal information is secure. Information collected on our website is used as needed by Shopify-approved applications. Shopify requires that any application available on the Shopify platform follow strict privacy and data protections. Shopify reviews all applications to confirm compliance with their policies before they are authorized to be used on the Shopify platform.

Customer information collected by Green Fresh Florals + Plants is only shared when an application requires the information to complete a specific service. For example, a delivery address, phone number, order description and delivery dates would be shared with the delivery application utilized to coordinate and manage plant and flower deliveries. 

Companies that provide website analytics, like Google and Facebook/Meta, use cookies to track and evaluate website activity and sales conversions. Customers concerned about having their web browsing activity tracked when visiting Green Fresh Florals + Plants can simply decline permission when visiting our site and the cookie banner popup appears at the bottom of the page. Be aware that this may create problems navigating our website as cookies help sites provide critical support to viewers/shoppers. Additionally, numerous applications and software services available online provide services that prevent websites from tracking your information. 

If you are, or have been a customer, and would like your personal information removed from our customer database and integrated applications, please email your request to If you want to prevent your website browsing to be tracked, please follow the instructions provided by your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Arc, etc.).

Thank you.