3D Printed Bubble Planter

Size 4"
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Experience beautiful, natural plant care with the innovative 3D Printed Bubble Planter from LA-based Rosebud! 3D printed with PLA, a composite thermoplastic polymer derived from upcycled materials, including Corn, Beets, and Wheat Grass. These planters are lightweight yet durable, and their design is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. 
Carefully crafted with 35 spiral drainage openings, allowing water to pass through the soil and out of the pot while providing ample aeration to the roots. Perfect for aerating your plants, its unique material balances nitrogen in the soil - ultimate plant care technology at its finest! Plant with confidence!

Pick a plant from our online shop, and we will plant it in your new 3D Printed Bubble Planter. Then, have us deliver it to you.

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