Large Gemstone Potted Snake Plant

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Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of our Large Gemstone Potted Snake Plant. This iconic 8" Snake Plant, locally sourced for the highest quality, is paired with a beautifully designed Gemstone Cylinder pot from the renowned San Diego-based Momma Pots. The pot, featuring a crucial drain hole for optimal root health, has a matching saucer to catch any excess water, ensuring style and functionality.

Available in ten vibrant colors, the Gemstone Cylinder pot is tailored to complement any interior decor, making the Snake Plant an instant focal point in your home or office. Known for its striking, upright leaves and exceptional hardiness, the Snake Plant Sanseveria is a visual delight and a natural air purifier.

Perfect for various occasions, from housewarming to birthdays, the Large Gemstone Potted Snake Plant is an ideal gift for plant lovers or those beginning their botanical journey. Add a personal touch to this thoughtful gift with a card, and let our driver handle the delivery. This popular plant, with its blend of simplicity, elegance, and resilience, is more than a gift; it's a lasting statement of care and style.

Low Light, Shade Tolerant

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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Was a gift and my friend loved it :)

Anonymous (United States)
Beautiful and love the pot color options!

Great selection and the quickest delivery at a decent price. Thank you!