Medium Gemstone Potted ZZ Plant

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Introducing the Medium Gemstone Potted ZZ Plant, the epitome of low-maintenance elegance for your indoor oasis. This resilient 6" ZZ Plant, locally sourced for utmost freshness, is perfectly cradled in a stylish 6.5" Gemstone Cylinder pot crafted by the celebrated artisans at Momma Pots in San Diego. The sleek design of the pot complements the ZZ Plant's glossy, emerald leaves, making it a sophisticated accent for any decor. Plus, it is available in ten different colors. Part of our Gemstone Potted Plant Collection, we offer the ZZ Plant in other sizes too!

Renowned for its hardiness, the ZZ Plant thrives in many conditions and asks little in return. It prefers moderate indirect light but will graciously tolerate lower light levels, making it a versatile companion for any room. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry between waterings, and this stoic plant will flourish.

While the ZZ Plant is hardy, it's gentle on your peace of mind, being both pet-friendly and a delightful addition to your home. Its resilience and ease of care make it an ideal gift for seasoned plant lovers and novices alike. Express your thoughtfulness with this verdant gem(don't forget the card), and let us take care of the delivery anywhere in San Diego. The Medium Gemstone Potted ZZ Plant isn't just a gift; it's a lasting statement of enduring natural beauty.

Low Light, Shade Tolerant

Not recommended for homes with pets.