Plant Society : Create an Indoor Oasis for your Urban Space


Plant Society is a complete guide on loving and caring for houseplants, but it also provides essential information on how to use houseplants to style your home or office. Author Jason Chongue shows you how easy it is to care for plants. Throughout the book, he profiles a variety of "plant people," which adds a novel touch to this plant guide.

Inside the covers of Plant Society, you will find profiles on 25 ideal indoor plants, categorized by the intensity and work required for their care. In addition to covering the basics of plant care and re-potting, this book tackles the challenge many people face with how to incorporate houseplants into their home decor and style. Chongue offers excellent advice and suggestions on how to choose the right pot or planter to complete the look. Plus, get styling advice on how to use houseplants to decorate your house, room by room. A bonus is the various profiles of “plant people” sprinkled throughout the pages of the book.

Our Take: Plant Society is a sophisticated style and care guide perfect for plant newbies.