Ficus Umbellata

Size 6"
Plant & Pot Sizes Explained

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Called the next "it" plant, the Ficus Umbellata is a stunning cousin to the popular fiddle leaf fig with large platter sized foliage and has gained popularity in Japanese culture as a houseplant. 

Not surprising, this beauty has similar features to the Fiddle Leaf Fig, with large, heart-shaped leaves and thin stems. And like the Fiddle Leaf, the Ficus Umbrellata needs plenty of bright, indirect light so a space near a window is preferred.

Water your Ficus Umbellata thoroughly then allow it to dry out before watering again. Sold in the nursery container, we strongly encourage you to purchase a pot with a built-in drainage hole and saucer to allow the water to drain away from the roots. A Gemstone cylinder from Momma Pots or a colorful pot from our Chive collection each offer pots with drainage holes and saucers.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.