Midnight Garden Designer Floral

Discover the captivating allure of the Midnight Garden Designer Floral, an enchanting arrangement from Green Fresh Florals + Plants. Elegantly presented in a 7-inch granite grey pedestal bowl, this designer floral is a mesmerizing blend of deep, rich colors and delicate fragrances.

The striking blueberry and hot pink roses, embodying grace and passion, take centerstage in this design. They are beautifully complemented by the varied shades of pink ranunculus, adding layers of depth and texture. The arrangement is further enriched with the serene blue delphinium, lush hyacinths, and elegant anemones, each contributing to the garden's mystical nighttime aura.

Fragrant freesia adds a delicate aroma, while accents of camellia and grevelia foliage provide a lush, green contrast to the vibrant blooms. The Midnight Garden Designer Floral is a perfect choice for those seeking to make a bold statement, whether as a stunning centerpiece, a memorable gift, or simply as an indulgent treat for oneself. If you're sending this beautiful arrangement to someone special, grab a card that conveys your sentiments from our online collection and have our professional drivers deliver them for you.

7in granite grey pedestal bowl with
Blueberry and hot pink roses , shades of pink ranunculus, blue delphinium, hyacinths, and anemones, fragrant freesia, and accented camellia and grevelia foliage

18"w x 16"t

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