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Begin enjoying the many benefits plants can bring to your life with our latest post, which offers tips for styling your space with plants and pots. Our San Diego plant store is a destination for people regularly looking to mix up their style game and find new and creative ways to use plants, so we thought we would offer an online version to complement our face-to-face advice on plants. Plants help:

  • Clean our air by removing carbon (and helping fight climate change),
  • Help bring the outside, inside during the dark winter months.
  • Help us relax and reduce our stress.

The simple act of watering them helps distract from a hectic day of the never-ending hustle and bustle. Like a great dog, your plants will love you and not talk back.

Add Some Style to Your Space

There is no better time than now to add a plant or two to your world. You can refresh your living space or workspace any time of the year and benefit from adding a lush, thriving green plant and colorful ceramic or stoneware pot to your environment. To help make that effort a bit easier, your plant specialists at Green Fresh Florals + Plants, offer you the following style ideas for plants to improve your style game.

We are proud to be a top destination for houseplants in San Diego. In August, Green Fresh Florals + Plants was named "Best Plant Shop in San Diego" by San Diego Magazine. See what all the buzz is about and let one of our plant specialists help you pick a new plant and pot to dress up your space. You don't have to be an interior designer to add house plants to an empty corner. Just take a few ideas from our list below.

12 tips for styling plants in your home or workspace.

1. Mix interesting or engaging containers with living plants to add a focal point. Using different sized pots and complementary colors, group three plants together. Try to make one of the three larger to break up the visual look. Everything is better in groups of three.



2. Embrace simplicity. Pair a simple but sizable plant frond with a clean, clear, or decorative vase. Try a monstera leaf with its beautiful shape and cutouts or a similar cutting from a larger plant. If your space is limited, take a cutting from your pothos or other green plant and place it in an interesting vessel. The focus is on the interesting shapes, color, and simplicity of the pairing.



3. Add a terrarium to your world. Easy to make and maintain, a terrarium in your home is not only a focal point, but it is also a world within your world. From simple to the more elaborate, terrariums offer a beautiful addition, and they need little attention. The soil and plants in a terrarium release moisture or vapor, which is captured on the glass walls and trickles back into the soil, essentially watering itself. Terrariums help reduce stress and anxiety and add some style to your home or office. 

Artisan Glass Terrarium from Green Fresh Florals + Plants

4. Add style with patterns and interesting materials. Containers and pots can add a wonderful addition to your style tool chest. Think about a ceramic glaze or geometric pattern, leather, or terrazzo. Add stripes or color block patterns. In every choice you make, think about how the pot or container's very construction will add to your personal space. 



5. Embrace your ceiling. That’s right. Don’t shy away from hanging plants in your home decor efforts. Use hanging planters to display a captivating plant adjacent to a window or glass door. Bright light plants thrive on the indirect bright light, so put your home or office windows to work as a home for your houseplant. Be sure to check their need for water as a warmer, brighter environment will require that your plant receive more regular watering. Below is a selection of hanging planters from Capra. The straps are braided leather, and the pots are a resin enhancing their durability. Explore more planters and pots online.

    hanging planter      

6. Create an urban jungle. Plants that are vines or vine-like in their growth are great additions in hanging planters and a table or bench. Look for bushy, full plants that are hearty from our plants, unpotted collection paired with a stylish pot will add an element of the jungle to your space. They are also easy to maintain and simple to prune back when they have overgrown their home. The variegated pothos on the left is a hearty vine that grows rapidly and requires little care. The bright green color of the neon pothos gives it its name. A vibrant, modern-looking plant shown here in a terrazzo pot. Or, if contemporary is your look and feel, the grey ceramic cylinder is ideal.


7. Create a focal point. Group pots or containers of the same color to create a focal point. On a shelf, table, or the floor, a collection of similar colored pots will add calm to your space and relax. Try grouping several white or cream pots with different plants of various sizes. You will quickly see the appeal.

8. Pair an indoor plant with another object de’ Art. Create a scene or theme using a piece of sculpture, a painting, or a photograph. Pots and planters can be mixed to create a grouping that will draw your visitor's eye and make your room more interesting. Whatever you choose will complement your plant and pot. Remember the rule of 3’s-and you will be styling in no time.

9. Embrace the sculptural shapes of plants, particularly those of the succulent variety or air plants that require a minimal amount of attention. The colors and shapes of succulents vary greatly and are all unique and interesting visually. The trick with succulents is not to overwater them.



10. Aim for interesting. One of the more interesting plant categories worth exploring is air plants. You can’t go wrong, adding a few of these to your space with their unique shapes, sizes, and colors. From the symmetrical spiral of the Xerographica to the colorful Tillandsia Cyanea, air plants are living sculptures that will add visual interest to your space. In a clear glass terrarium or displayed in one of the geometric air plant hangers on a table group, a collection of air plants will thrive in low light or bright light. Just soak them in some water once a week, and that is it. No other nurturing is needed.


11. Add a plant stand. One of the more exciting additions to the plant world is the new variety of plant stands available to help display a plant in a home or office. Plant stands or a grouping of plant stands, can help anchor a room and provide a visual focal point. They also add height, allowing for the display of plants closer to a seating area or near a piece of furniture, bringing the plant closer to eye height when sitting.


12. Pick unique plants. Houseplants come in various shapes and sizes, colors, and light preferences providing numerous opportunities to pick something unusual and interesting. The shape of the Monstera deliciosa leaves with their splits and holes makes it a popular choice, or maybe the aloe vera in a unique container.       

The point is that various plant options can offer visual interest with their color, shape, and size. Be daring! Approach your selection with an eye to your home's location, the mood you are trying to create. If you are looking for sleek, clean, and a more contemporary feel, then a sansevieria is a perfect choice. A popular tall anchor plant is a must, and you can’t go wrong with the Fiddle Leaf Ficus or a Bird of Paradise. Or for an urban jungle scene, add a few hanging pothos plants to the mix or a hoya plant and watch how fast their shoots grow.


One last tip. Take some time to look through home design magazines or store catalogs to get ideas. Follow a selection of popular plant hashtags in your Instagram feed (follow us, too), or wander into our store and let one of our plant specialists help you think through your home or office's best strategy. We end this blog with encouragement and a link to the May 2019 article in San Diego Magazine titled “Houseplant Styling 101,” where Carlos Franco, our fearless owner, and creative director, shared some additional considerations for those looking to style their spaces with plants.

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August 25, 2019
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