Hexi Pot + Saucer

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Color White
Size 6" x 5"

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Inspired by the interior of a beehive, the Hexi Pot + Saucer from Chive is a sleek and modern clay pot with clean lines and contemporary colors. The color pallet is White, Charcoal Black, Blue Grey, Peacock Green, and Light Grey. The perfect size for a starter plant, the Hexi Pot & Saucer is a stylish container with clean lines and a low profile.

The matte finish adds a finish that completes the look. Each container has a drainage hole pre-drilled. And because clay is a porous material your houseplants will thrive. Pick a plant from our plants unpotted collection to complete your planter and our staff will gladly pot it up for you. Then, have our drivers deliver it to you.

Product Details

  • Clay hexi planter
  • Available in two sizes: 4" and 6"
  • Matte finish, multiple colors
  • Pre-drilled drainage hole

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