Sansevieria in a Ceramic Container


Order your own mighty Sansevieria in a ceramic container online and let us deliver. Available in three different sizes, we've paired the Sansaveria (or Snake plant) with a contemporary ceramic container available in a variety of colors and sizes. 

This green houseplant has a cult-like following and is a favorite plant for adding some style to mid-century modern and contemporary homes and offices. The sansevieria is low maintenance and almost impossible to kill but it can be done by overwatering. Otherwise, it grows like a weed and adds a mod aesthetic to any home or office.

Sansevieria got its name from the tall and narrow shaped leaves, spotted with white and yellow stripes or shapes, that grow from the center of each plant. Thrives in low light to full light. 

Keep out of reach of pets, as they are toxic but they do detoxify the air and are a very popular, contemporary plant.


  • Sansevieria plant in a ceramic container
  • Contemporary style and feel and low maintenance
  • Caution: poisonous to animals
  • Available in a 6", 8", & 10" container size and in various colors