Echeveria Ramillette

Size 4"
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Another in our hybrid succulent collection, the Echeveria Ramillette, also called "Mexican hens and chicks", forms thick, fleshy green leaves in a rosette that can grow up to 4 inches in diameter. The tips will turn shades of red when exposed to cold air. In the winter and early spring months, the Echeveria Ramillette produces flowers that are bell-shaped and yellow-orange.

Ideal for an indoor succulent garden, the Echeveria Ramillette thrives in bright, extended light. Allow the soil to dry completely in between waterings, as this is a drought-tolerant plant that will rapidly die if overwatered.

The Echeveria Ramillette is sold in the original plastic grower's container, so be sure to choose a new pot from our online pot collection before taking this beauty home. We will gladly plant your new plant into the new pot for you complimentary.

Bright, Indirect Light

Recommended for homes with pets.

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