Gold Dust Croton 4"

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Add a burst of color to your space with the Gold Dust Croton 4" (Codiaeum variegatum) plant which gets its name from the pattern of yellow/gold spots across the green, shiny leaves. A subtropical plant, the Gold Dust Croton likes plenty of sunshine every day (4-6 hours preferred) so it is ideal for a location that received lots of sunshine.

This colorful houseplant is easy to maintain and is a focal point in any room it is placed. The Gold Dust Croton should be potted in a planter with good drainage to allow the soil to dry out. Be sure to mist your plant regularly as the Croton loves humidity while at the same time it will help to keep the leaves free from dust.

Pick a planter from our collection and we will gladly plant it for you. Pair a Gold Dust Croton with a pot for a unique gift and add a card from our card collection. Remember, we deliver plants as well as flowers so let us deliver for you.


  • 4" Gold Dust Croton
  • Thrives in bright, diffused light
  • A subtropical plant that loves humidity
  • A colorful choice for your plant collection