Monstera "Ginny" Planting

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Our Ginny Monstera Planting pairs our popular 4.5-inch Momma Gemstone cylinder pot with the very cool "Ginny" Monstera plant. The result is a sophisticated addition to any plant collection and home. The gemstone cylinder pot has a drainage hole with a matching saucer to allow the roots of your Ginny Monstera to drain.

Available in Almond and Bubble Gum Pink, these plantings are great to treat yourself or to give as a gift to the plant lover in your life. Great for a housewarming gift or birthday wishes, be sure to grab a card from our Online Card Collection. Then, let our driver deliver for you so all you have to do is relax and wait to hear the joy and appreciation. 


  • 4.5-inch Momma Pot Gemstone Cylinder
  • 4-inch Ginny Monstera plant
  • Available in almond or bubble gum
  • Have it delivered for you