Almond Crystal Succulent Garden

Size 7"
Plant & Pot Sizes Explained

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The handcrafted Almond Crystal Succulent Garden is a fresh, modern succulent garden that is easy-to-maintain and adds a stylish focal point to a room or patio. Planted in a 7" or 9" almond pedestal bowl from Momma Pots of San Diego, it gives the garden a unique shape and presentation. A fine layer of white sand is added on the surface along with a Quartz crystal cluster and point to amplify, store and release positive energy. 

This contemporary succulent garden makes an ideal gift to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or new home. Grab a card, and our staff will write your note on the inside. Arrange a curbside pickup or have our drivers deliver for you. 

Features : 

  • 7" or 9" almond pedestal bowl by Momma Pots 
  • Small quartz cluster & quartz point
  • Assorted succulents 

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.