Austral Gem Fern Planting

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The Austral Gem Fern Planting is the perfect choice for a busy professional who has limited to provide extra care for houseplants. The Austral Gem Fern is a low-maintenance hearty fern that thrives in medium to low light. Planted in a 4" Rusty Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots, the pot has a pre-drilled drainage hole and matching saucer to capture excess water.

The deep green color of the Austral Gem Fern provides a beautiful contrast with the rust color of the pot. This planting will add some warmth to your space in a hallway or bathroom.

If you're feeling extra creative or prefer a different size planting, pick a pot from our Gemstone Cylinder collection and pair it with a plant of the same size. Our staff will gladly plant it for you, then have our drivers deliver it to you.

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