Botanica Signature Incense

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Scent Teahupo'o Incense

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Explore the relaxing and calming impact of Botanica Signature Incense to help ease the stress of life during a pandemic. Incense has long been used to clear stagnant energy and replace it with natural fragrances that are designed to promote calm and positive energy.

Botanica incenses are made with high-quality fragrance blends, essential oils to help the fragrance last long, and aromas that help create a balanced ritualistic experience. Each envelope contains 20 sticks with a percent of the proceeds benefiting non-profit environmental causes.

Escape from the challenges of the day with the help of an incense stick from Botanica's collection of fragrant blends.


  • A mix of fragrant blends in 8 aromas to choose from
  • Each envelope contains 20 incense sticks
  • Escape from stress with the help of fragrant aromas
  • Your purchase supports non-profit environmental causes


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