Burning Love Kit

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Cleans your space of negative energy and welcome love in with the Burning Love Kit from our friends at Spitfire Girl. The kit includes Palo Santo (holy) wood that when lit, generates a white smoke that is fanned with a feather to disperse it to cleanse, protect and heal a space of negative energy and misfortune.

To cast a love spell, light the Palo Santo and perform a cleansing*. Then write the name of the person you are attracting on a small piece of paper, sprinkle it with rose water, add some dried flowers, then hold it in your hand along with the Rose Quartz stone. Close your eyes and focus on your desired lover's name to draw their spirit and energy to you and have them fall in love with you. 

The Burning Love Kit makes a fun gift when paired with a card. Be sure to see our other items in our Ritual Collection. And we will gladly deliver your gift and card for you.

Kit Includes :

  • Palo Santo wood to cleanse, heal and protect
  • Ritual candle for energy and fire
  • Rosewater to refresh and mix with your potion
  • Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, trust, and harmony 
  • Feather-for dispersing the smoke
  • Dried Flowers to pair with the rose water

 *A cleansing ceremony or ritual is very much attuned to the elements of nature and the spirit. The feather and smoke represent Air. The smudge sticks and ashes represent Earth. The embers of the smudge represent Fire. The abalone shell represents water. All this combines to cleanse and protect the spiritual nature of the body and a place. It is a beautiful way to connect to the earth, oneself, and one’s home.

Warning. Burn within sight. When lit, use caution around flammable objects, children, and pets.


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