Green Congo Philodendron

Size 8"
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The Green Congo Philodendron is an elegant, slow-growing plant with long, oval-shaped leaves of green. The Green Congo is a low-humidity tropical hybrid variety and is a popular choice for planting indoors to add some style to your room.  Like the Red Congo, the Green Congo prefers bright light and moderately moist soil and when it thrives it will produce multiple leaves of new growth. Mist your plant regularly to keep the leaves clean from dust and looking good.

Tip: Pair the Green Congo with a new pot and we will plant it for you. Better yet, if it is a gift we will write your note in a card from our online shop and then let us deliver your gift for you.


  • Green Congo Philodendron
  • Elegant, easy-to-maintain plant
  • Enjoys bright, indirect light
  • Sold in the grower's original container
  • Pair it with a pot and we will plant it for you

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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