Mistletoe Cactus

Size 2"
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The Mistletoe Cactus (Rhipsalis Sulcata) has 2-5 thick finger-like segments branching. A unique-looking cactus that does not have thorns, it produces small bumps along the spine of the branches. This cactus is not like your typical cactus as it would die quickly in the dry heat of the desert. Rather, the Mistletoe cactus prefers diffused light and will thrive in the shade of a patio.

Keep the soil moist and you will see how quickly this plant grows. Place it in a hanging pot and watch the branches flow down to the ground.

The Mistletoe makes a fun and unique gift. Pick a pot from our online store and a card from our collection, and we will gladly deliver for you.

    Bright, Indirect Light

    Recommended for homes with pets.

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