Propagation Gift Set

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The Olive Propagation Gift Set is the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life. This gift set provides everything they will need to take a cutting from a houseplant and grow it into a full-fledged plant. Once they have grown a root system, it will be ready to plant in a stylish pot. This is a great way to build a diverse and interesting plant collection by simply taking cuttings and nurturing them into baby houseplants. This kit is available in white and olive colorways.

Here's what's included in this gift set:

1. A handcrafted aluminum cone that turns any simple glass into a stunning vase

2. A pair of metal shears

3. A glass for rooting

4. An original illustrated guide to walk you through propagating two plants and an Avocado pit.

We paint two tones of paint (inner cone and outer cone) to add an artful touch. This handcrafted set is the gift that keeps on giving. Be sure to pick a card from our Greeting Card Collection and we will gladly write your note on the inside for you. And if you prefer, have our drivers deliver your gift for you.