Textured Ceramic Planter

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With their modern packaging proclaiming "Plants Provide Clarity," the folks at decluttered bring us this Textured Ceramic Planter with a predrilled drain hole.  Made with earthy tones from stoneware clay, these planters are fired at extremely high temperatures to give you the rich surface texture that is so timelessly popular.

Available in both a 6-inch pot and an 8-inch in three colors, white, honeydew cream, and sand. Each pot is manufactured with a drain hole to allow your roots to dry in between watering and avoid root rot. Grab a new 6" plant from our unpotted collection, pair it with a fun card, and we will write a note on the inside for you. Then, let us deliver your gifts for you.


  • 6 inch: 6" X 5" X 6"
  • 8 inch: 8.25" X 7" X 8.25"

Made with a ceramic mix of clay and various stones to make each pot extremely durable in outdoor and indoor environments.