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Brasil Philodendron Planting


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Our Brasil Philodendron Planting is designed to add some style to a desk or countertop in your home or office. We paired this low-maintenance Brasil Philodendron with our popular creme & mustard pot from Accent Decor for this custom hand-crafted planting.

The Brasil grows in a vine-like manner displaying beautiful heart-shaped leaves of green and yellow. It thrives in low-light to bright light making it a versatile choice for placing anywhere in your home or office. This plant may start small but will grow rapidly. Perfect for a shelf, countertop, or desk.

This planting makes a great gift. Just grab a card from our online collection and then let us deliver it and your planting for you.


  • Brasil planting in a mustard pot
  • Versatile planting that will thrive in any location
  • Pot is 4.5" wide and the overall height of planting is 7"
  • Makes a great gift for your plant-loving friend